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A huge database updated every week with hundreds of new pictures

A powerful filtering system

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With our custom indexing options, you can mix and match endless combinations of parameters to get exactly what you’re looking for, with just a couple of clicks.

We categorize each photo, and you can search them, for example, by season, event/fair, city, gender, style, brand and much more

Enriched zoom popups

Enjoy every single detail

When you click on a photo, you can see it in a custom frame with additional information about the picture

From this same frame you can download the high-res version of the photo, add it to one of your collections, download the vector file (for sketches, when available) and contact the companies associated with the photo


The new way to share ideas with your team

In MyTrends section, you can save your choices in as many folders as you want to create! Each folder can contain pictures of shoes, bags and materials.

You can share with a specific person or with the whole world!

Free access grants basic functionality, but you can’t zoom or download pictures