STAFFPICKS #02: Spike Heels


Spike heel, or stiletto as one of the popular Italian fashion vocabulary in the industry, is always in trend. It challenge a women’s balance between her charm and balance. It’s simple, yet, full of temptation.

STAFFPICKS #02: 3-5cm Middle Heel


Many few of the middle height heels are mentioned as the focus in a collection. However, for this season we found out there are important designers and brands like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Anni Sui, Edun, Custo etc… are all putting a strong focus in their latest runway show. As it mentioned, there are also many interesting heels, lasts and designs are made specifically for this type. We believe that this is definitely a strong sign from many fashion leading brands!

STAFFPICKS #02: High Boot


This season, we discovered there are may interesting materials combination with the over-knee boots, they could be transparent, laced-up or starchy materials which convey a simple sexy of women or a great hybrid products with classic and sporty style. Either both are saying, a pair of over knee high boot could be the best accessory for ladies this season.

STAFFPICKS #02: Pointed Last


A fresh and elegante variation of the classic Winkle-pickers shoes hot back to the fashion. Without too much exaggeration of the length, the last creators have found the perfect balance of the pointed toe shape and re-created the trends once again!

STAFFPICKS #01: Charlie Chaplin Style


The extra rounded volume at the toe has given a charming and interesting shape to the shoes. Within the perfect balance of fun and elengance, men can also be “A King in New York” at the “Modern Times”

STAFFPICKS #01: Goodyear Volumes


Good year construction has being at the top of the list of men for long.
Nowadays, there are many lasts to represent the delicate good year volume at the toe to emphasize the luxurious feeling

STAFFPICKS #01: Pointed Toes


The pointed toe has just came back to fashion wardrobe once again. Without exaggerating too much the length of the shoes, a lightly pointed touch of the toe shape has given more edgy look for men