Ars Trends

The online database of shoes and bags

Be inspired by the latest trends : shoes, bags and materials from international fairs, catwalks and top fashion cities retail windows.


With our custom indexing options, you can mix and match endless combinations of parameters
to get exactly what you’re looking for, with just a couple of clicks.
We categorize each photo with several information like season, brand, style, city and much more…


While in Grid Mode you can click on a thumbnail to add it
to the “MySelection” area
(the green bar at the bottom). When you have selected all your photos,
you can add them to a permanent collection called “MyTrend“, with a single click!


GRID MODE: small thumbnails for rapid scanning of the content
with custom filters,
and the ability to save photos to “MyCollection” with a single click.
GALLERY MODE: detailed view of photos with additional info: photo information, zoom into the details, download of the single photo


You can download a single photo from Gallery Mode,
and you can download all the photos in one of your MyTrend in a single click!
All the photos are named with Brand Name and Season, for easy categorisation once downloaded

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